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t’s all about the people
As the namesake daughter of the izzy+ brand, izzy perfectly expresses the family mantra—cool, affordable, personal and functional furniture that supports New Workstyles. The New Workstyles are all about how people really work today. They collaborate and telecommute, they’re on the move and their technology moves with them. They want to be focused and happy in their work and play.

At izzy, we love using design to solve problems, but our focus is really on people. It’s this love and respect for people that drives our commitment to being approachable, which in turn drives our ability to create better design through listening and collaborating.

Our love for people is also at the heart of our smart environmental practices. Our commitment to a healthy earth is expressed in a variety of ways, from making smart choices when it comes to materials and processes, to designing products that are flexible and durable—sure to have a long life.

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