Seating & Product Lines

Integra’s philosophy has endured for over 30 years with a few basic principles in mind:

Manufacture furniture that exceeds customer expectations in quality and value.
Use the best materials available and do not compromise quality for our customers or safety for our employees.
Provide the best customer service in the industry through dedicated, responsive employees and outside sales representatives.
Use suppliers from the United States to support our nation’s economy. The majority of our suppliers are from the USA with a few in Canada and Europe.
Support our employees in all aspects of their jobs to keep a clean, safe, and friendly work environment.
Recycle and reuse materials whenever possible to do our part in safeguarding a clean environment for generations to come.
Integra has built a reputation through adherence to our principles and a commitment to innovation. We stand behind our products with a Lifetime Warranty!

We also attribute much of our success to the values of our owners, staff, representatives and vendors. It is through the pride and commitment to excellence of every member in the Integra family that we are able to succeed and grow as an organization.

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